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Every year, thousands of people around the world dream about coming to Jerusalem to put their notes in the Western Wall. But for many reasons, not everyone can get all the way to Jerusalem.
We print out your notes twice monthly so that children and youths from Jerusalem with disabilities can go together and put them on the Western Wall. They’re placed in between the ancient stones of the Temple. Your privacy is protected at all times.
Proceeds from this initiative contribute to vital programs at Shalva, the Israeli Association for the Care and Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities.
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About the Shalva Center
About the Shalva Center
Shalva is dedicated to the provision of transformative care for individuals with disabilities in Jerusalem and contributes to the empowerment of their families and the promotion of social inclusion.
Meet Shalva’s Children
Meet the children, teenagers and adults who are cared for and loved unconditionally at Shalva
Shachaf, 18
Maya Ben David, 13
David Levi, 13
Sapir Ilo, 15
Orel Chai Shalom, 15
Inspire hope. Change lives
Inspire hope. Change lives
Our initiatives are driven by the belief that children with disabilities should be raised by their empowered families and embraced by a wholesome and inclusive community. The programs offered by Shalva offer a host of therapies on an ongoing basis, inclusive of educational frameworks, sports and wellness, recreational activities, and respite and family support. The programs encourage the children to reach their full individual potential.

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