Meet Shalva’s Children

Meet the children, teenagers and adults who are cared for and loved unconditionally at Shalva.

Shachaf, 18

Shachaf has difficult walking, but she is determined to maintain her independence. She’s been coming to Shalva for seven years and has enjoyed every minute of it. Friends are very important to her and she also loves making art.

Maya Ben David, 13

Maya has Down Sydrome and is a triplet. She’s been coming to Shalva for six years and loves to dance, sing and have fun!

David Levi, 13

David has Down syndrome and has been a participant of Shalva’s After School Program for five years. He’s the oldest of four and loves spending time with his friends at Shalva. He’s very active and enjoys a variety of sports as well as playing games on the computer.

Sapir Ilo, 15

Sapir has a rare premature aging syndrome and has been coming to Shalva for over 10 years. She loves to dance and enjoys spending time with her friends, who have become like a family for her at Shalva.

Orel Chai Shalom, 15

Orel Chai is deaf and non-verbal, but that doesn’t prevent him from enjoying time with others. He communicates via sign language and gestures. He has a big heart and is well liked by all at Shalva.

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